Marian Pop

Marian Pop

Full-Stack Developer living in Transylvania.

I always loved to check other people's "uses" page and spent countless hours on until I decided to put together my own "uses" page that covers the tools I use on a daily basis. I have a tendency of changing things up quite often, so I'll do my best to keep this page up to date. If there is something missing, shoot me a tweet at @mvpopuk



  • PhpStorm

    I use it daily for my full-time job since we develop and maintain a Laravel + Vue app where I'm mostly doing PHP. I use a slightly modified version of the Night Owl theme paired with the JetBrains Mono font. I also bought Material UI because it lets me modify some parts of the IDE that I would normaly not be able to.

  • Visual Studio Code

    Since almost all of my personal / side projects are being built in React or Vue, I use @code as my primarily code editor when it comes to Javascript. I love and use the default Dark+ theme with JetBrains Mono and, at least for Javascript, I think it's the best theme available. I also use VIM key bindings. You can see my plugins and settings here.

  • ITerm2

    I use Iterm2 with vscode theme and JetBrains Mono, paired with Oh My Zsh, Spaceship ZSH and ZSH Autosuggestions.

  • Table Plus

    I use Table Plus whenever I need to interact with a database through a graphical interface. I use it with the dark mode theme.


  • Figma

    When working on my own side projects and I need to have a clear idea in mind of what I need to code, I always use Figma to create wireframes.


  • Notion

    I use Notion mostly as my project manager for my side projects and whatnot and for when I need to write something and share that note with someone. I think it's a great app and I also have plan to play around with their newly released public API.

  • Bear

    Great app, I use it whenever I feel the need of taking notes regardless of the topic.