Marian Pop

Marian Pop

Full-Stack Developer living in Transylvania.

I'm specialized in building web applications. I jump between React, Vue and Laravel and their associated stacks without blinking an eye and I enjoy working on the front-end as well as on the back-end at the same time. I’ve been working in my field for several years. I am passionate about what I do, it shows in my work and proven track record.

Latest Posts

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Back on track

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Mobix™ - Enterprise Resource Planing

ERP software for the Romanian furniture manufacturing industry.

GarageFlow™ - Garage Management System

Garage Management System and Business Growth Platform.

Laravel Magazine

PHP & Laravel related news and tutorials published on a weekly basis.


Languages & Frameworks

PHP, Laravel, Livewire, Alpine.js, Inertia.js, JavaScript (ES6+), Vue.js, React.js


Redis, MySQL, MongoDB


REST Api, GraphQL, Firebase, Hasura, Forge